10 Things Animals Can Teach Us

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The Obama family welcomes a new puppy (Photo: Pete Souza/White House, via AP) Animals and New Year’s Resolutions - Psychology Today Perhaps we should turn to our dogs and cats to remind us what’s most important. Here are [...]

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2014 Nautilus Award

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2014 Nautilus Award The news came while in the giraffe barn at Dallas Zoo… The Soul of All Living Creatures is a Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award.

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Man’s Best Therapist

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Man’s Best Therapist A wonderful review of The Soul of All Living Creatures in the latest issue of Animal Sheltering“Part animal primer, part detective tale, part existential treatise…”

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Newburyport Literary Festival

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Chilling rain this weekend (and even snow in the mountains) … still a wonderful time reading at the Newburyport Literary Festival. Photo by Vint Virga

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Tegu’s Soul

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I’m often asked in interviews how it can be certain animals have souls.  Among the reasons I offer, I try to explain how each creature with whom I work has a unique identity — their personality, temperament, what brings them [...]

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NPR’s Think with Krys Boyd

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The podcast of my interview on Think with Krys Boyd - NPR / KERA. Hour 1:   How can the connections we forge with animals teach us about ourselves? We’ll talk this hour with veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Vint Virga, author of “The [...]

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View From A Voce

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What a view from A Voce while at lunch with my editor and agent! Wonderful week launching the book! Photo by Vint Virga

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Psychology Today Blog Launched

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My first Psychology Today blog post is online today. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-soul-all-living-creatures/201307/the-animal-within-us

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Hot In July

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The Soul of All Living Creatures made Apple’s “Hot In July” booklist!

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Real Simple

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A very nice item on The Soul of All Living Creatures in the latest issue of Real Simple ( July 2013, page 4 ).

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First Printing

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The first printing of the book arrived today — such a good feeling to leaf through the pages with the book in my own hands. Photo by Vint Virga

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One Month To Go…

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On the front page of Crown … one month to go. http://crownpublishing.com/imprint/crown-publishers/

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Kirkus Reviews

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A wonderful review today from Kirkus Reviews for The Soul of All Living Creatures.  And another nice review from Booklist.    

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A Magical Night

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Last Thursday in Providence, I read Chapter Four on Responsiveness from my book, The Soul of All Living Creatures, at The Wheeler School as their 2013 Fox Family Speaker.  A hundred and forty gathered together in Wheeler Hall to hear this [...]

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