About Vint

For over thirty years, Dr. Virga has been a distinguished practitioner and leader in veterinary medicine, recognized for his insights into our relationships with animals. His expertise spans the animal kingdom, encompassing all species from polar bears and leopards to gorillas and giraffes. As a veterinarian specialized in wild animal behavior, he works as an advisor on wildlife conservation and welfare for nature preserves and refuges, zoological parks and gardens, animal stewardship foundations, and governmental agencies. Through his intimate perspective working with endangered wildlife, he brings to readers and audiences a wholly unique viewpoint on our relationship with other species and our shared future on this planet.


The Book

“Part animal primer, part detective tale, part existential treatise, veterinary behavioral medicine expert Vint Virga’s new book takes us in the minds and motivations of our four-legged friends, and reveals what their actions can show us about ourselves (if we stop to pay attention)… just as apt for the Personal Growth as the Nature section of the bookstore.”   — Animal Sheltering

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