A Morning Stroll

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A morning stroll in November’s chilly winds...   (Photo by Vint Virga)  

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Meet Black Jack the Wallaby

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Remember this little Bennett’s wallaby from August? Here he is in his momma’s pouch two...   (Photo by Vint Virga)   Here he is months later...   (Photo by Vint Virga)   And here he is on the [...]

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Cozy Like a Sloth

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A good day for getting cozy indoors like Willie (a two-toed sloth). Photo by Vint Virga

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Zoo Rounds

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Back to the comforts of home and rounds at one of my favorite zoos. Photo by Vint Virga

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On the Brink of Extinction

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This animal might be hunted to extinction before you’ve even heard of it. Photo Credit: Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program

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With all the rain driving down and warnings of flash floods, hope we don’t end up this deep under water. Photo by Vint Virga

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A Cool Drink

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A cooling, fresh drink on a hot summer day … on my rounds through the zoo. Photo by Vint Virga

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Captain Hammer

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Captain Hammer sits in the old gum tree … even more enthralled with him than he is with me. Photo by Vint Virga

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Joe the Owl

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It’s been a good while since I’ve cared for a great horned owl.  Meet Joe. Sensitive. Reserved. Majestic. Photo by Vint Virga

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Tegu’s Soul

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I’m often asked in interviews how it can be certain animals have souls.  Among the reasons I offer, I try to explain how each creature with whom I work has a unique identity — their personality, temperament, what brings them [...]

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NPR’s Think with Krys Boyd

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The podcast of my interview on Think with Krys Boyd - NPR / KERA. Hour 1:   How can the connections we forge with animals teach us about ourselves? We’ll talk this hour with veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Vint Virga, author of “The [...]

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TheDodo.com, a new animal website, promises to philosophically explore our relationships with animals. I’ll be joining their founding team of bloggers. Photo form TheDodo.com  

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Inara Taking a Stretch

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Inara, Corndog’s new baby, taking a stretch inside of her mother. You can already see her giant anteater form — the shape of her head, her forelegs, her body.

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Bamboo Grazing

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Visited Shea Lai and Jaing on my rounds this morning — leisurely grazing on bamboo leaves while a dark bank of rainclouds gathered just above. Photo by Vint Virga

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Grizzly 610

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A captivating photo by Thomas Mangelsen [© 2013 Thomas D. Mangelsen] On Monday Grizzly 610 was seen with her second litter of cubs for the first time this year.  The acclaimed photographer, Thomas Mangelsen, posted this remarkable photo of her [...]

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