One Month To Go…

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On the front page of Crown … one month to go.

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Kirkus Reviews

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A wonderful review today from Kirkus Reviews for The Soul of All Living Creatures.  And another nice review from Booklist.    

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Inara Taking a Stretch

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Inara, Corndog’s new baby, taking a stretch inside of her mother. You can already see her giant anteater form — the shape of her head, her forelegs, her body.

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The Writer’s World

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A beautiful essay which describes so well this writer’s world in which I’ve found myself.  

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Bamboo Grazing

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Visited Shea Lai and Jaing on my rounds this morning — leisurely grazing on bamboo leaves while a dark bank of rainclouds gathered just above. Photo by Vint Virga

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Writing Studio in the Woods

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Thinking back to last winter at MacDowell, writing in my studio all but lost to the world — an incomparable gift of time and space, and a precious communion with other artists. Photo by Vint Virga [...]

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Grizzly 610

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A captivating photo by Thomas Mangelsen [© 2013 Thomas D. Mangelsen] On Monday Grizzly 610 was seen with her second litter of cubs for the first time this year.  The acclaimed photographer, Thomas Mangelsen, posted this remarkable photo of her [...]

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A Magical Night

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Last Thursday in Providence, I read Chapter Four on Responsiveness from my book, The Soul of All Living Creatures, at The Wheeler School as their 2013 Fox Family Speaker.  A hundred and forty gathered together in Wheeler Hall to hear this [...]

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